The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Finally Reveals – Scientists Claim


#1 The Triangle

The mystery around the Bermuda Triangle has been going on forever.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

#2 Deaths

What we are sure of is that many deaths have ocurred there, and up to now, there were many theories but no certainty to what the cause could be.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

#3 Weather And Cloud Patterns

Lately, scientists have been specifically studying the weather and cloud patterns that ocurr at the Bermuda Triangle and they have come up with surprising news. The weather and the ‘killer clouds’ could be the cause of all the planes and boats disappearing.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

#4 170 MPH Winds

A hexagonal cloud area envelopes the triangle creating 170 mph winds. WInds that travel that fast can flip boats, ships and planes. The clouds, that appear from the Western side of the triangle, have a radius of 20 to 55 miles.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

#5 No Pattern

Apparently most clouds don’t have a typical edge and their distribution varies. So there is no predictable pattern to follow.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

#6 Air Bombs

The winds are also called ‘air bombs’ and the can rise up to 45ft in the air. A normal wind created by these clouds can reach the same wind speed that was seen during Hurricane Katrina.Bermuda Triangle Mystery

#7 Theories

There have been many theories over the years. One of the most popular ones was the magnetic theory.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery


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