The 8 Tallest, Longest, And Looniest Water Slides On The Planet


The idea of going down a crazy water slide is sort of like the prospect of having a kid: kind of nerve-wracking, a little bit gross, but also totally awesome and a thrill you immediately want to experience again after you finally dip your toe into the water. Actually, you can decide if that last bit is true after taking the plunge down some of these flat-out insane looking terror flumes from around the world.

1. If You Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

Leap of Faith: Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas
The 60-foot drop off the top of a Mayan temple is only the second-scariest feature of this slide, which sends riders plummeting into a clear blue lagoon filled with sharks. Granted, you’re safely encased in a clear tube the whole way through, but that probably won’t stop you from having nightmare visions of Quint while you prepare to make the leap. “Farewell and adieu, all you fair Spanish ladies…”


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